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TIP 1 Feeding Times First, we recommend that you set your feeder timer to throw corn at the time of night you plan on hunting. This will get the hogs conditioned to show up during your particular hunting time. Set the feeder to throw corn a second time. The second throw should be somewhere between 30 minutes to one hour after the first throw to keep them consistently eating at that feeder every night. This will help keep the hogs at or close to the feeder if you get to your stand late or jump some hogs coming in. The additional feeding times keep the hogs in the area even if something spooks them away from your feeder. Example: We have our feeders set-up to spin for two seconds at 10:00 PM, two seconds at 11:00 PM, one second at midnight, and one second at 1:00 AM. This setup has worked well for us.
TIP 2 Feeder Light


Note: Kill Light® Universal Remote is volt specific, select the appropriate model (6 volt or 12 volt) to match your battery.  Will not function with C - Cell batteries installed.

TIP 3 Feeder Remote Control

spooked by shifting winds, can be charmed back in immediately or 30 minutes to

 an hour later by sounding the dinner bell of golden nuggets once again. They

might come from a totally different location, wind direction or a whole new

group could move in on you while you lie in wait. Having a remote in hand will greatly increase your success rate.

TIP 4 Target Illuminator
TIP 5 Practice in the Dark
TIP 6 Stand Placement



Kill Light®

Shot Spot-R

to help control your scent, especially when ground blind hunting.   Camouflage is not necessary at night so you can wear whatever you are comfort-able in. Because we bow hunt, we set up tripods in an open field 20 yards or less from a feeder, and we wear dark colored clothing. When hunting with a rifle we recommend trying to get about 50-75 yards or more away to increase your chances of success since a hog's snout is very good at detecting human odor.


Game Recovery &

Safety System

Blood Track-R™

Adjustable Beam

Tracking Light

TIP 7 (BONUS TIP) After The Shot

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