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Thom J.
I wanted to give you some early feedback on your new Blind Side-R Light. I mounted one of these new lights on the same tree as my treestand and gave it a sit last week. The light distance and angle was perfect for using my longbow to shoot a nice big boar! After using your original Kill Lights for years with my custom modifications, I've gotta say this is a dramatic improvement over anything I fabricated! Thanks again for building a great product and giving fantastic customer services!
Dustin H.
Kirsten G. Becky Lou I have two lights and one of them is a knock off and i have to say i should have spent the extra 30 bucks to get an elusive wildlife light.. I have had my green light for years and wore out the knock off one in months....i use the feeder light at a lot of my feeders and i swear by elusive wildlife lights....i tell everyone!!!!! I absolutely LOVE this product. You could literally light up the night with one of these bad boys! Coyotes and pigs won't know what hit them! When calling in a coyote at night, I make sure I have my Elusive Wildlife lights with me! Period. Don't miss a predator shot! :) I have had the GREEN KILL LIGHT® XLR250 for 3 years, and never go hunting without it! I have recently acquired the 18 Watt Green Driving Lights with Remote Control and cannot wait to get out and light up the woods with those! There is nothing like these products, and there is NO KNOCK OFF that can compare! Make sure you see EWT before you purchase!
Brad T. Elusive Wildlife Technologies products are absolutely great! If you don't have any of there products go out and get you one, you will not be disappointed!! Terry E.
Well........... I am in AWWWWW this XLR250 green lite is AWESOME. I been hunting Yotes and Fox for 25+ years and NEVER seen a lite or QUALITY like this before. Someone did there home work on this unit !!! I quess you can teach and old school guy new tricks. Anyone want to buy a calling machine? I don't need it now, I can view FULL body preds at over 300+ yards. on the cross hairs !!! plain as daylight !!!!
Larry B.
Chuck K. I received the light yesterday. Very nicely packaged. The batteries were finally charged up around midnight. I had to take it out and shine it in the back yard. I shined it down the road at some trees about 200 yards away. Holy mother of flashlights. A very satisfied customer here.
These lights are simply amazing. I have the 100 kit with red, green, and white. I will be purchasing the same 250 kit and use the 100 for my spotter. Being able to see the reticle in shear darkness behind the lights is excellent. Service is top shelf, received the wrong kit originally called right then, service emailed me a shipping label and had it back in the mail within an hour. Right kit was back at my house in a day and half.
Allen G. I have used both the XLR250 and XLR100 for a couple years and still have my original light. I use them literally all the time. I'm sold on them and will keep using them. Gotta get you one if you haven't yet. Kevin T. Your flashlight took a beating today and it survived with flying colors. We have several of these flashlight and will continue to use them! Dan U. I have been an avid predator hunter for over 20 years and have tried all of the different lights for night hunting . I recently ordered both the XLR100 and the XLR250 , and have been blown away with these products . I have the XLR250 on my gun and I use the XLR100 for scanning. We can spot eyes out to 500 yards with the XLR100 and we can identify what the animals are out to 300 yards with the XLR250 . We have used these lights from -10 degrees and in rain and snow storms without any failures . These are the BEST lights for predator hunting on the market !! Corey R. I've used Kill Lights for two years and haven't had a single problem with them!! Love the lights and accessories!!
Pistol C. Excellent craftsmanship and one hell of a light. Philip Holt handled me at the Hunter's Extravaganza in Fort Worth. Great guy and answered all of my questions. Didn't give me the runaround and helped me make the right call on what set up I would need. Easily a customer for life now.
Jennifer D. One of the best products to hit the hunting world. Having so much fun using their products and now my hunting season never ends!
Dave B. Mounted the red kill light on my scope last fall, would rather hunt coyotes in the dark now. Amazing product! Michael C. First of all, thanks for whatever you did to get the light to me by today. Not sure how the USPS got it here so quickly, but it was a nice surprise to see it on my kitchen table when I got home from work (my wife put it there, not the postman). Second - I can't believe how much power this light generates. There are other lights on the market that claim to have a 250 yard range, but this one puts them to shame...all in a compact and lightweight package. I am kicking myself for lugging around a 6 volt battery for the past two years. I've had quite an obsession with purchasing the right lights for my nighttime predator hunting and I've bought quite an array of different lights. One of the key features that sets this light apart is the red light bulb. I've always felt that red lenses tend to dull a light and the fact that you don't need one with your light is really a huge advantage. I can't wait to buy a second one. Furthermore, I can't believe the bigger hunting retailers don't stock these. They don't know what they're missing.
Dale C. It really works i used a 250 i could see my target very clearly it doesn't add a lot of weight either.....awesome! John B. Awesome been using their stuff for years never any issues not much these days you can say that about. Trey K. Elusive wildlife makes the best hog hunting lights in the world! I love my XLR 250 kill light! Brent B. No other lights compare, kill light is the best light I have ever owned!! Josh E. Freakin love this thing. Most versatile light I've ever owned. It's a 10!!!!
Barry B. I have the Green kill light for crossbows on my crossbow !! When I turn it on facing up in the air to not scare off any hogs from the sudden on , I slowly lower my green beam of light and look around through my scope because it lights the area quite well to see perfectly through my scope !! I carry my fully charged 2nd battery but have not had to use it in a nights hunt yet ! Really like my hog light for our night hunts !!!!
Joey B. They have great products and great customer service. AAA company Jason G. Best lights I've found!! Wish I came across these first!! Jim S. I recently purchased your XLR250 with the white LED. This light is without a doubt the best scope mounted light I have ever owned. I have probably spent well over $1000 on different lights and no other light is comparable to your light. I use it for predator hunting at night and I can truly shoot 200 yards with this light. It is mounted on top of my Ziess 4.5-14 scope which sits on top of my Rock River 5.56/233- what a combination. THANK YOU for a great product which does what it says it will do. TRUTH in advertising-good stuff. Keep up the good work folks and thanks again for your awesome products. 1 HAPPY CUSTOMER! Dwayne B.  stopped on the way home from work today to get the XLR250 green light! 3 hours later have a hog down!! Great product!!
Wade C. A few months ago, I purchased the XLR100 combo with the 3 lenses, using the green lens ( which I feel you understate the distance on your website because I could clearly see at least 200 yards ), I shot 3 foxes and a bobcat at our ranch!! Best varmint hunting I have done in a while. I can't believe how long the battery last. This is the best light I have ever bought.
Cameron B. Received my XL250 this afternoon and made my first kill with it this evening. Coyotes and varmints beware, this equipment makes it easy.
Amanda K. Today, when I called to inquire about how quickly I could get my order, or if I should have it Express Shipped, your customer service guy was awesome. Not only did he get a chuckle when I told him I needed MY LIGHT by this weekend so I could hunt in East Texas, he didn't even laugh when I mentioned the fact that I was writing a women's hunting blog, and would be reviewing my feeder light for all my girly hunting friends. 90% of the time I get the silent treatment, or You're kidding me right? When I mention to anyone in the industry that I'm into hunting- much less writing a blog about it, much less writing a hunting blog for women. So, although it was only the CSR guy on the phone with me, that made my day, and I am definitely a fan of EWT!
Robert S.
I received your light Friday and charged the batteries that night. We went out Saturday night and on the 2nd stand we called in a double. I was using the primos light as a hand held scanner ( after I scotch tapped the lens on so i would not loose it) and my son was the shooter with your light, in green, on his gun. As bright as your light is I was worried the yotes would get spooked as soon as we turned it on, so I told my son to wait until the coyotes were in shooting range before turning it on. i turned the call on and with in a couple of minutes I saw two sets of eyes heading our way, I told my son ( who was in the prone ) to get up and get ready to shoot. He turned the light on immediately ( against my advice of course). And these two were lit up to the point that I turned off the hand held light. Both yotes kept coming and I was afraid they were going to attack my call. We kept the kill light on them the whole time and we were barking at the yotes so they would stop. They got within 30 yards and my son finally took the lead coyote out. They never spooked! The light worked flawlessly. It mounted perfectly and was so convenient with no external batteries and very sturdy. Sorry this is so long but I can't brag enough about this light. It is everything you want in a light. I am looking forward to this weekend, I plan on leaving the scanning light at home and using the Kill Light to scan with as well as shoot. Thanks for making my hobby that much more enjoyable! P.S. I will make someone a great deal on a primos and throw away, I mean throw in the 50 dollars in extra batteries that I have purchased.


Tony S. I got my new XLR250 light and I am highly impressed, to say the least. That is saying something for your product because as an engineer who has spent most of my 30+ year career working on the NASA and Air Force Space Programs, I am not easily impressed. I have not had a chance to use it yet but it produces and awesome beam of light that is beyond what I had imagined possible. I can't wait to show this light to my hunting buddies. When I last talked to you on the phone, you said that you made most of the pigtails and stuff there in your shop, if I remember correctly. So, I want to ask if it might be possible for me to purchase a few of the click on/off switches with just the pigtail and no flashlight end cap? I'm interested both in rewiring my 6P Surefire lights for my occasional guests who hunt with me. One of the Surefire momentary pad light switches burned out on me recently (just one of the reasons I was shopping for a new light) and I want to change them all out to a compact on/off switch like yours. When I say it burned out on me, I mean literally. Destructive inspection revealed that an internal solder joint had failed, which then created a high resistance connection, so that when I pushed on the pad, it instantly got hot enough to burn my finger. That will be my last pad switch. Joey B. Great service. Great people. Amazing product. Hasn't let me down yet. Don't think it will either! Kyle R. Fantastic Product!!! Extremely Happy!!
Dan D. Every year I go with a group of hunters down to Texas for a wild pig hunt. I needed a light this year and didn't want to spend the money on some of the other options but I didn't want to sacrifice quality. I researched for about 3 months and the XLR-250 ended up on top of my list. I purchased over the phone and received my light within 3 days. I of course tested it at home but was blown away by the actual performance out hunting. I could easily see for 250 yards and beyond. This light outperformed the ND3 50mm subzero that my buddy had on his rifle in all side by side test that we did. I am very satisfied and will continue to refer customers your way. So far it looks like 2 hunters from my group will be ordering a kill light before next years hunt. If the others could get their money back for their ND3's, I am sure that they would be buying one as well. Thanks for a quality product and thanks to Jonathan for his support on the phone.
Tommy P.  I got the light...Was a litte sceptable at first...have tried it since and found it to be one of the best buys I have ever made. It is wonderful. At 150 yards , I can pick out the hogs and make a clean shot....Thanks so much for this light---Well worth the money.
Matt S. T&M Hunting Properties I saw some guys hunting hogs under the Kill Light on NBC Sports. That's great, hopefully some more people will see that and connect the lights on the show with the lights we use. Great products man. I couldn't be happier and my clients are definately as impressed as I am with all of your lights that we use. Steven C. I recently purchased both the 100 and 250 kill lights in green. This January I had the opportunity to come down to Texas for a pig hunt with eight of my friends. Both of the lights were amazing. The Kill Light is by far the best piece of hunting equipment I have ever purchased. During this trip I had both lights mounted on rifles. The 100 was mounted on a .17 HMR and thanks to your light, I was able to take two pigs with one shot each in total darkness. Since that trip, four of my friends have purchased lights and two others plan to. I have ordered one of the ATV Velcro mounts, but I have a different plan in mind for it. I plan on using it with the 100 and mounting it on my stand and pointing it toward the feeder. It should light up the whole area for 3 to 4 hours. I can also use it for a scan light by taking off one Velcro strap. I will keep the 250 on my rifle for longer shots. Thank you very much, I love these lights. Zac C. Just a quick thank you for the great customer service. I really do apreciate a company that stands behind their product nowadays. You don't see that anymore. The XLR-250 is an awesome light!!!!! Jim P. I just wanted to let you know that about 3 years ago I bought a kill light XLR 250 and it has changed the way I hunt. I am a night coyote hunter, and this is the best product I have ever seen. No longer do I need a buddy to hold the light while I shoot or vise versa. Before I got my kill light it was almost impossible for me to hunt alone, but now I go all the time. I went out on Friday, March 28th and killed 7 yotes on a solo night hunt. All made possible by my kill light. Thanks for making such a great product. It has made my job so much easier!
Barry E. The Kill Light worked like a champ. My client had two big boars working his feeder and he killed the smaller of the two. He is so happy he actually left his treestand on the tree and said he was rebooking soon to kill the big one next time! LOL
Cynthia & Andrew M. My husband and I purchased 2 of the Green Kill Lights (XLR250) and two of the Green Feeder Lights last August, to take with us on a Hog/Coyote hunting trip at our ranch in September. The weather was miserably hot still (we're in TX) and we didn't have much hog movement, but the second night we were there, a cool front came through, and my husband killed 2 hogs in 10 minutes using his new Green Kill Light attached to his Browning .270. One was a 278 pound boar, the other a 68 pound sow. We are sooooo in love with the Kill Lights and the Feeder Lights, and will never use anything else! The funniest part is that we were out there hunting with four friends who all had the ND3 Laser Light. When we were showing them our Kill Light's and they saw how much further our lights worked then their laser lights, and what a broader area it illuminated, all four of them went home and ordered themselves Kill Lights, and threw the Laser ones in the trash! In November, we were out there again deer hunting, and we had six people at the ranch one night for dinner: a game warden, a government trapper, and four friends from a neighboring ranch. After dinner they were all tired from deer hunting, and decided not to go out predator and hog hunting, but my husband and I suited up to go. Before we left, we showed them our Kill Lights, (all six have the ND3 Laser) and they wanted to see how it compared to their Laser lights, so we went out to shine theirs vs the Kill Light on the side of the barn, (265 yards from the house porch) and they went wild at how much brighter and clearer our Kill Lights were! You could barely see the little dot from their lights! All of them made me write down the info so they could order themselves Kill Lights the very next day! We later found out they bought a total of 11 Kill Lights and 8 Feeder Lights. I think we sold a lot for you guys, just from showing people how awesome they are! LOL!
Andy B. I purchased this light to carry in my turnout firefighting gear and used it several times in house fires where it worked better than expected. (I have since retired from the fire service). On December 21, 2014, I came upon a car wreck and during that incident, I lost my light. Exactly two months later on Feb. 21, 2015, I went by where I lost the light and decided to see if I could find it. Well I did. It was under 8 inches of water and had been since I lost it. I picked it up and pressed the switch and it worked! It only had a very small amount of condensation on the lens and on the reflector. I cleaned it and now have two of these great lights. Since I couldn't go with out having a XLR250, I purchased a replacement. I will say that I will not go without an XLR250, and as a result of this performance, I feel that several of my friends will be purchasing one for themselves. Thanks for a great product!

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