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Hogs have a complex hierarchical social structure that begins as young as one week old. A hog's sense of smell is among the

strongest of all animals. They can smell odors 5-7 miles away and

up to 25 feet underground. Needless to say, odors play a huge role

in their lives and their social structure. Hogs seek out strong and dominating odors. They wallow in these strong smells to help

advance their social standing.

Blind Side-R™

The new Blind Side-R™ Feeder/Bait Light with built in Motion Activation will sense motion at near 180º effectively watching for

game animals with you. Built around the familiar design of a trail camera, this incredibly easy to use light can be strapped to a tree, post or can be mounted with most standard trail camera mounts.

Kill Light® Driving Lights

Don't let the compact size of these extremely bright LED light bars

fool you, these guys mean business! The NEW Kill Light® Compact Driving Lights provide truly customizable coverage for a truly bargain price. Cut through the darkest of night with 36 watts of blinding LED power. Extreme down range distance with low battery consumption.

3 different beam pattern combination makes it easy to find the

perfect setup for your particular need.

Kill Light® HD Series

With superior flood light performance and unmatched distance illumination, the XLR HD Series lights raise the bar. The XLR HD Series comes equipped with the X-Tailcap and the Whisper Silent Dimmer™ Switch. New features include: Adjustable beam width and brightness, up 750 yards of target illumination, 1 inch body fits most standard mounts, powered by one 18650 Lithium rechargeable battery, multi-purpose X-tailcap with on/off button and quick connect plug means no need to change tailcap to add or remove wired switches and Whisper Silent Dimmer™ giving you completely silent adjustable brightness control at your fingertips.

250HD Bow Light

The Kill Light® XLR 250HD bow light is the most versatile bow light

to date. With the ability to adjust beam width and distance coupled with the power to adjust brightness levels on the touchpad makes

the 250HD bow light the best choice for every hunting situation. New features include: adjustable beam width and brightness, up to 300 yard target illumination, 1 inch body fits standard mounts, powered

by one 18650 lithium rechargeable battery, multi-purpose X-Tailcap with on/off button and quick connect plug means no need to change tail caps to add or remove any wired switches, Whisper Silent Dimmer™ Switch adjustable brightness at your fingertips.

Piglet™ Bow Light

The all new Piglet™ Bow Kit is the most comprehensive and technologically advanced bow light system ever devised. Included is our new Piglet™ Bow Light weighing in at just over 3 ounces (with battery) and just under 4 inches long, this little light is not short on distance. Easily view targets at distances up to 100 yards with our new brighter LED. The integrated rail system boasts top and bottom picatinny (AR Style) rails on a super light stabilizer connection mountable rail.

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