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It's hard to rival the excitement of having an animal in close, so close you can hear them breathe. Take that rush up to the ultimate, imagine a 300 pound animal that close in the dark! That's the rush so many hunters are feeling and the Kill Light® XLR 100 makes closing the deal and hauling them home possible. This incredibly compact and versatile light is sure to change the way you hunt adding hours of fun to your time in the field.



XLR 100

Kill Light® XLR 100 mounted with threaded bow end




Designed to hunt, the XLR 100 works great when bow mounted or can  also easily be attached to a rifle or shotgun. It's flood beam pattern creates a fully illuminated circle of light that animals can't detect. Made for shorter ranges, this power packed unit emits enough light to indentify animals at distances up to 150 yards away. Remove the push button cap and replace it with our custom made bow end that  easily threads into your stabilizer connection.  Attach a plug in remote switch and you have successfully coverted your bow into a night time killing machine.


The Kill Light® XLR 100, although ideal for bowhunting, can be equally utilized for gun and crossbow. Simply purchase one of our pre-designed kits or add an additional mount to fit your specific need.  Refer to our packages and mounts below to find the right setup for you.  If you need further assistance, be sure and contact one of our customer service representatives by phone or email and they will be happy to assist in getting you setup with everything you need to be succeful in the dark.



Whether your ready to invest in a package with all the bells and whistles or your just getting started, we have a package available to fit your needs and start the addiction to hunting after the sun goes down!

Get our best selling bow light, mounted and ready to hunt in minutes. Our entry level bow mounted pacakage contains our Kill Light® XLR 100 Bow Light in your choice of 4 colors (blue, green, red or white) in either single mode (high power) or dual mode (low and high power), a threaded bow end tailcap that attaches like a stabilizer, both ON/OFF and Pressure plug in tactical switches and our ATV/Sight Mount allowing you to velcro mount the light to your sight.


A true workhorse flashlight in a compact package, the Kill Light® XLR 100 Flashlight produces an incredible flood beam of light that allows your to positively identify targets out to 120 yards yet versatile enough to be used as a general use flashlight.

Everything you need to hunt tonight the first night! Includes our best selling Kill Light XLR 100 Bow Light in your choice of one of 4 colors (blue, green, red or white) in either single or dual mode, threaded bow end tailcap for stabilizer style attachment, ON/OFF and Pressure plug in switches, ATV/Sight mount for light to sight attachment, our universal dual station battery charger with AC and DC adapters and a 2 pack of our 10 year 18650 2600mah batteries.



If your the kind of hunter who wants all the options, a real hunt it all outdoorsman, then our Kill Light® XLR 100 PRO Bow Package has it all. Includes our Kill Light® XLR 100 Light with threaded tailcap for stabilizer style attachment, 3 LED modules (installed green and swappable red and white), both ON/OFF and Pressure plug in switches, universal dual station charger with AC and DC adapter plugs, 2 pack of 10 year 18650 2600mah batteries (light only uses one so you always have a backup) and our ATV/Sight Mount for light to sight attachment.  An impressive package that gives you our 3 most popular colors for hunting after the sun goes down.



The best light on the market is backed by a line of mounts to fit any hunting situation.  With our myriad of mounting options, you are sure to find a system that fits your situation perfectly.





A universal, quick change mount.

Simply loosen the middle adjust-

ment screw, insert your Kill Light® in one side and attach the other to your scope tube and tighten.

A two in one kit, simply remove the bottom bracket, place V-Channel over rifle barrel and tighten the screws. Or loosen the side adjustment screw and remove ring mount from lower bracket and you have an AR style picatinny rail mount for your light.

One screw adjustment, simply flip the locking adjustment knob up, loosen and insert light in one side and attach the other to your rifle barrel.  Tighten the adjustment screw knob and flip down to lock and secure.

Two tube mounts, one holds your light while the other attaches to your scope. Remove hex head screws, insert light and attach over scope. Tighten hex screws and hunt.  25mm and 30mm sizes. Added picatinny rails on one tube for attaching other accessories.

Solid and secure mounting with a beefed up rail base. This mount won't move no matter what you throw at. Even side rail mounted the heavy duty base holds solid to your picatinny rail.  If your rough on your equipment, this is the mount for you.

The answer for shotgun hunters wanting an inexpensive and fast way to attach their Kill Light®. Simply loosen the Velcro™ strap and attach your light to one side, then side or under mount to your shotgun barrel.  Tighten the velcro and your all set for a night in the field.

Perfect for AR platforms, the 45º offset mount clears your sight window while keeping your light or laser close enough to easily to allign with your optics and maintaining proper illumination of your target.  Also clears the way for additional mounting of other devices via rail.

The most versatile mount you will find anywhere! Four high power magnets secure a picatinny rail bracket to any metal barrel. Simply attach your light or other rail mounted device to the bottom and the Magna Rail™ magnetic V Channel attaches rock solid to your barrel.  You will be amazed how simple it is to move from gun to gun. Great mount for shotguns!

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