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Kill Light® XLR 250 mounted with Rapid Scope Mount™


Our flagship long distance target identification light, the Kill Light® XLR 250 is designed to give your complete target vision at distances at or exceeding 250+ yards with eye shine visible up to 500 yards.  Full body view of your target, our high intensity LED's give you complete target illumination. No more searching with a narrow beam for your shot.  The Kill Light® XLR 250 washes your entire target in light making your nights in the field less of a struggle and more successful.

Hunters are rough on their gear. The shear fact that Mother Nature is in play on almost every trip means you need equipment built to deal with it.  Our light bodies are built from T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy making them practically indestructable. O-ring sealed threads keep out dust, moisture and debris. Cold weather will not cause our lights to fail, the Kill Light® XLR 250 can handle temperatures down to -20ºF without so much as a flicker! You won't find that with the cheaper copy cat lights out there.




XLR 250


When you're in complete darkness attempting to locate a moving target, you want a strong and clean beam of light that will run all night long.  Our 250 series LED's are custom built to our specs of solid brass, no cheap plastic components that overheat and fail.  Each LED emits a specific color, we never use plastic lenses that colorize white light.  Our red, green and blue LED's only emit true color related to that spectrum.  This results in less spooked game and a cleaner, more intense beam of light.



Whether your ready to invest in a package with all the bells and whistles or your just getting started, we have a package available to fit your needs and start the addiction to hunting after the sun goes down!

Whether your just starting out night hunting or your looking to add a light to your arsenal, get the best long range light on the market. The Kill Light® XLR 250 available in one of four color options (green, red, blue or white) in single mode (high power). No batteries, chargers or mounts included.

Great entry level package yet contains all you need to hunt.  Get the superior illumination power of the Kill Light® XLR 250 in your choice of one of four colors (green, red, blue or white) in single mode (high power), 2 pack of 18650 2600mah rechargeable batteries, universal dual station charger with both AC wall and DC vehicle charger cables, your choice of pressure or ON/OFF wired tactical switches, rapid scope mount and rifle barrel mount kit for standard rifle or rail mounting.

Options galore with the XLR 250 PRO Gun Package, you get the Kill Light® XLR 250 with three interchangeable LED's (green, red, and white) all in single mode (high power), 2 pack of 18650 2600mah rechargeable batteries, universal dual station charger with both AC wall and DC vehicle charger cables, both pressure and ON/OFF wired tactical swithches, rapid scope mount and barrel mount kit for standard rifle or rail mounting.


$79.99 $149.99 $199.99

Predators beware, our Kill Light® XLR 250 Predator Pack gives you everything you need to knock a serious dent in those annoying coyotes and corn theiving racoons. You get our XLR 250 in your choice of single mode (high power) red or green LED, a matching color XLR 100 short range light for scanning, wired tactical switch (pressure or ON/OFF), rifle mount kit, rapid scope mount, 2 packs of 18650 rechargeble batteries, 2 dual station chargers with AC wall and DC vehicle cables, neoprene halo shield for XLR 250, hat mount, Elusive Wildlife black logo cap and Elusive Wildlife headband.  A complete pack to help you reak some havoc on those creatures of the night.

A completly new package with the serious predator hunter in mind.  This package includes our flagship long range light, the Kill Light® XLR 250.  Our guaranteed 250 yard target ID light with both our Rapid Scope™, ring to rail and barrel mount kit giving you 3 mounting options. Our new Kill Light® Hands Free Head Lamp is included giving you an adjustable head band light with zoomable light function.  Simply twist the light bezel to adjust the beam from a large area flood to a tight, 150 yard spot for complete target ID with eye shine scanning at distances over 350 yards.  Need more runtime, we included two 2 packs of 18650 3000mah batteries for even greater runtime.  Get hours more use per battery.


$299.99 $239.99

Protect your investment in the finest hunting lights you can buy with a case custom cut and fit for your XLR 250 light kit.  Designed with the same quality and durability demands as we build into our lights, the Single Cut Kill Light® Custom Case is built tougher than any other case you will find. High impact molded resin will not break or become brittle over time. Drop, impact, dust and moisture resistant with gasket seal and pressure relief valve that automatically adjust to elevation changes and  is safe for airline travel.  Double throw latches that securely fasten with oversized handle that fits comfortably in your grip.  High density foam insert holds your light tight and secure.

You just won't find a better case.





The best dual light package you will find anywhere. Designed especially for night hunters who love to hunt pigs and coyotes. Get two (2) XLR 250 lights, one in green for hogs and 1 in red for coyotes and predators.

No more swapping LED's when you want to change colors, two complete lights ready to hunt.  Kit includes tactical switches, Rapid Scope Mount™, ring to rail mount and barrel mount kit giving you 3 mounting options. Get plenty of runtime and years of battery life with our 2 pack of 18650 rechargeable batteries. You get everything you need to hunt any creature of the night at a price that is too good to miss.


Protecting your investment in a Kill Light® has never been better.  The Dual Cut Kill Light® Custom Case is built to securely house two XLR 250 or XLR 252 lights and all the accessories included in your kit.  Every item has a precision cut home so keeping everything in its' place is a breeze. Made of high impact molded resin, this case stays durable year after year.  Superior drop, impact and dust resistance with a waterproof seal,

you get incredible protection.  A built in pressure relief valve makes it safe for airline travel.  Keep up with your light and accessories in unmatched protection.

$219.99 $79.99


The best light on the market is backed by a line of mounts to fit any hunting situation.  With our myriad of mounting options, you are sure to find a system that fits your situation perfectly.

A universal, quick change mount.

Simply loosen the middle adjust-

ment screw, insert your Kill Light® in one side and attach the other to your scope tube and tighten.

A two in one kit, simply remove the bottom bracket, place V-Channel over rifle barrel and tighten the screws. Or loosen the side adjustment screw and remove ring mount from lower bracket and you have an AR style picatinny rail mount for your light.

One screw adjustment, simply flip the locking adjustment knob up, loosen and insert light in one side and attach the other to your rifle barrel.  Tighten the adjustment screw knob and flip down to lock and secure.

Two tube mounts, one holds your light while the other attaches to your scope. Remove hex head screws, insert light and attach over scope. Tighten hex screws and hunt.  25mm and 30mm sizes. Added picatinny rails on one tube for attaching other accessories.

Solid and secure mounting with a beefed up rail base. This mount won't move no matter what you throw at. Even side rail mounted the heavy duty base holds solid to your picatinny rail.  If your rough on your equipment, this is the mount for you.

The answer for shotgun hunters wanting an inexpensive and fast way to attach their Kill Light®. Simply loosen the Velcro™ strap and attach your light to one side, then side or under mount to your shotgun barrel.  Tighten the velcro and your all set for a night in the field.

Simple to use velcro mount that attaches to your ATV roll bar making your Kill Light® XLR 250 or XLR 100 a powerful ATV light or attach to our XLR 100 and your bow sight for quick sight mountable bow light.

Perfect for AR platforms, the 45º offset mount clears your sight window while keeping your light or laser close enough to easily to allign with your optics and maintaining proper illumination of your target.  Also clears the way for additional mounting of other devices via rail.

A great way to add a Picatinny style rail to your rifle or shotgun via scope attachment. Simply attach the ring around your 30 or 25mm scope tube (with included adapter) and create a solid, short inch and 3/4 rail that you can easily mount Picatinny style accessories to including our Kill Light® ring mount.

Perfect mount for AR platforms, utilizes a picatinny style mount with an offset ring for your light. Allows you to mount your light on a top rail while still clearing your view through your scope.

Mount one ring over your scope tube and your light in the other. Easily fine tune your windage (left, right) or elevation (up, down) by the simple turn of a wheel. Makes for quick and simple in the field adjustments.

The most versatile mount you will find anywhere! Four high power magnets secure a picatinny rail bracket to any metal barrel. Simply attach your light or other rail mounted device to the bottom and the Magna Rail™ magnetic V Channel attaches rock solid to your barrel.  You will be amazed how simple it is to move from gun to gun. Great mount for shotguns!

Available in both 25mm or 30mm inside diameter, this simple to use ring mount makes it easy to attach a Kill Light® to a Picatinny Rail.  Loosen the hex nuts to easily install your light then use the thumb screw to mount the base to your rail. Elevates your light approximately 3/4 inch from attachment point with large lower window beneath ring to allow a clear line of sight for lasers or other devices.

In both 25mm or 30mm inside diameter, this compact ring mount keeps your light closer to the light rail attachment point.  1/2 inch from rail to bottom of light, while still providing a line of sight window to allow for a laser beam to pass below the ring. Compact and easy to use, thumb screw attachment to rail with simple hex nut light installation inside the ring.

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