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Lids and Funnels

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  • Feeder Lid, Galvanized Feeder Lid, Galvanized 35 Gallon Feeder Lid, Galvanized 55 Gallon Feeder Lid, Galvanized 85 Gallon

    Feeder Lid, Galvanized

    Designed with quality construction to last years in the field. Sizes available include: 30 Gallon, 55 Gallon and 85 Gallon. Feeder Lid with 2 to 3 inch lip (varies by size), galvanized steel. Add this to any of your DIY feeders for years of use, 1 year...

    $54.99 - $89.99
  • Feeder Funnel, Galvanized Feeder Funnel, Galvanized 35 gallon Feeder Funnel, Galvanized 55 Gallon Feeder Funnel, Galvanized 85 Gallon

    Feeder Funnel, Galvanized

    Designed for the DIY feeder project and or to revamp an old system. Feeder Funnel, Galvanized, 1 year warranty. DIMENSIONS: 30 Gallon Funnel: 18 inches wide by 7 inches tall 55 Gallon Funnel: 22 1/4 inches wide by 7.5 inches tall 85 Gallon Funnel: 26...

    $59.99 - $119.99
  • Galvanized Tall Mini Funnel Galvanized Tall Mini Funnel

    Galvanized Tall Mini Funnel

    This metal downspout attaches to your metal or plastic feeder barrel and helps direct the feed onto the spinner plate. Just a hole cut in the barrel can lead to wasted feed or wind-driven water penetration into the barrel. Use three self-tapping screws...

  • Galvanized Downspout, 2 Inch Galvanized Downspout, 2 Inch

    Galvanized Downspout, 2 Inch

    2 Inch Galvanized downspout that works well with The Eliminator Spinner Plate. This downspout is shorter than most so it works well with taller spinner plates. DIMENSIONS: Spout opening - 2 inches, overall height - 1 inch

  • Feeder Sight Glass, Flat Feeder Sight Glass, Flat

    Feeder Sight Glass, Flat

    Deer Feeder Sight Glass. Easy to install with metal cutting saw and a few self tapping screws, provides walk up viewing of the inside of your game feeder. For use with a round barrel or flat sided hopper type of feeders. Mounting hardware not included 4...

    MSRP: $12.99
  • Feeder Hanger Bar Feeder Hanger Bar 30 Gallon Feeder Hanger Bar 55 Gallon Feeder Hanger Bar 85 Gallon

    Feeder Hanger Bar

    This feeder hanger bar/bail provides and attachment point for a winch cable on your feeder barrel. Designed for use with winch up feeder configurations. Available in 30 gallon, 55 gallon and 85 gallon sizes. Solid steel construction made to withstand...

    $41.99 - $59.99
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