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Kill Light HD Series LED Modules

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76-Kill Light HD Series LED Modules
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Replace your Kill Light HD Series LED modules or add a color to your arsenal with these quick change, threaded LED modules. Intense brightness from each true color LED. Simply unscrew the head of the light and back down the zoom collar. The HD LED is threaded and can be easily removed from the light body. All HD Series LED Modules are warrantied for a lifetime and are interchangeable in the 750HD, 500HD and 250HD flashlights.

  • Available in green, red, white, blue, IR 850 and IR 940
  • Threaded for easy color change
  • Solid brass for improved stability and longevity

NOTE: Light produced by IR 850 and IR 940 LED modules is not visible to the human eye without the aid of night vision viewing equipment (night vision scopes, night vision binoculars, etc.)