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Kill Light Quick Connect, Plug In Switch Black -WHISPER SILENT DIMMER 2.0

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A truly intuitive way to precisely control your brightness level for every shot, the Kill Light Whisper Silent Dimmer Switch 2.0 provides customizable intensity control at your fingertips. Simple plus (+) minus (-) buttons on the control pad adjust your light from off to high power and everywhere in between. Quiet buttons allow for precise brightness control for each and every shot. The ON/OFF power control is centrally located and easy to operate. No need to maintain pressure or click to the desired mode. Finger pressure dials in just the right amount of light for each shooting situation and distance. Quick connect plug system eliminates changing tailcaps and the possibility of damaging your switch on pesky snagging limbs. 90 degree plug connection improves the switch profile and reduces snags.

  • Precision brightness control at your fingertips
  • Quiet adjustment
  • Intuitive plus(+) minus(-) adjustment
  • For use with XLR 252, 250X, 250HD, 500HD and 750HD lights