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Kill Light Universal Battery Charger Kit- DELUXE 4 BAY

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The Elusive Wildlife Deluxe 4 Bay Charger allows you to simultaneously charge up to (4) 18650 size batteries, (4) 21700 size batteries or (4) 26650 lithium ion batteries at once. Built in illuminated battery level indicators provide charge capacity feedback per each battery during the charge cycle. Fast 2amp charging per bay decreases the amount of time it takes to fully charge your batteries. Charger kit includes both AC and DC power adapters making it easy to recharge your batteries at home, in camp or on the road.

  • 4 independent charging bays
  • Charges 18650, 21700 or 26650 size batteries
  • Fast 2 amp charging
  • AC and DC adapters included

WARNING: Lithium batteries are a fire hazzard. Never leave lithium batteries on charge unattended. Store all lithium batteries in a cool, dry place in a manner where direct contact with other batteries or metal objects is not possible. Do not store lithium batteries in a low charge or no charge state. It is best practice to charge your lithium batteries prior to storage to insure the logevity and maximize the life cyle of the battery.