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Kill Light XLR 250 Hog and Dog - Single Mode

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A true double light kit. The Hog and Dog kit comes with one Kill Light® XLR 250 in red and one in green. Includes both wired On/Off and Pressure tactical tail caps, dual station smart charger with AC wall and 12 volt vehicle adapter, 2 pack of 10 year lithium rechargeable batteries capable of 4-6 hours of runtime per charge, barrel mount, ring-to-rail mount and a rapid scope mount. Hunt it all with quick change capabilities. A highly effective and versatile light kit with superb illumination capabilities.

WARNING: This kit contains lithium ion rechargeable batteries. All lithium batteries are a fire hazzard and should not be left unattended while charging. Lithium batteries should be stored in a cool, dry place out of reach of children and in a manner that avoids battery to battery or battery to metal contact. It is best to store lithium ion batteries fully charged to prolong the life of the battery.