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SWINE SAUCE-Soybean and Peanut - 1 Quart

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Hogs are driven by their nose! Their sense of smell is among the strongest of all animals. They can smell odors 5-7 miles away and up to 25 feet underground. They also love to eat, dig and wallow in strong odors. Soybean and Peanut Swine Sauce is specially blended to bring hogs in from miles to your favorite hunting location. Simply apply one of our three super concentrated blends (Roasted Peanut & Soybean, Day Old Donut or Strawberry) onto your corn or bait pile or even on the ground. Hogs will dig and wallow in the saturated ground or devour your corn or bait faster than you would ever believe. Choose from one of our three distinctive scents or try them all. Squirt top cap allows for easy and precise application.

32oz bottle

  • Thick consistency lasts longer than other attractants
  • Mimics the scent of cake or pastries
  • Easy to apply squirt top cap
  • Enhances the attractiveness of other baits

DISCLAIMER: The practice of "baiting" game animals is prohibited in many areas. Before using any liquid attractant product, consult the local game laws in the area you plan to hunt or trap to insure a liquid attractant is not prohibited.