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Trophyshot Display Stand for Deer

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A picture is worth a thousand words and captures a moment in time that provides memories forever. Hunting is all about family and how many of us remember our son or daughter’s, first buck or doe and we, the parents, could not be in the picture. Those of us who hunt alone have similar challenge and when we get a trophy buck we can’t take a picture by ourself. The Trophyshot is a patented system that includes our proprietary stand and monopod and includes a bluetooth shutter button that connects to both Apple and Android smartphones as well as cameras with bluetooth capability . The system allows you to position your deer in the perfect pose and achieve photos that look like they were taken by professional photographers. If you are not alone and have someone else to take pictures you will be able to eliminate all those shots of hunters struggling to properly hold the deer up by the antlers as well as those pictures using sticks under the jaw to prop up the animal or other methods that don’t work. Now for the first time anyone can capture the best images of a harvested deer and have the option that everyone can be in the picture. The trophy room of today is on your phone and Never again will you miss that once in a life time moment. The Trophyshot patented system helps create the perfect pose for your deer. The stand sits behind the animal and if used properly is invisible in the pictures. We have included a monopod and bluetooth shutter button for those times you are alone or when you want everyone to be in the picture.