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Kill Light GEN 2 Head Lamp

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528-Kill Light GEN 2 Head Lamp
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Calling this head lamp a GEN 2 almost doesn't do it justice. From the front of the lamp to the bottom of the battery case, every part of the Kill Light GEN 2 Head Lamp has been redesigned. We started with an all metal housing for the lamp. Durable enough to stand up to the elements, but so lightweight you hardly notice you have it on. 1/4 turn zoom quickly and quietly broadens or tightens the beam pattern for scanning short or long range distances. Multi angle locking positions make easy work of keeping your light shining right where you need it. Coated and contoured dual battery compartment utilizes a cam lock design making changing batteries fast and easy, even with gloves on. If you've ever had your head lamp accidentally turn on in your pack, you know how frustating that can be. We've also included a locking in-line power disconnect between the battery and the lamp. Simply disconnect at the port before storing or packing and never worry about having dead batteries due your lamp coming on by accident again. We've also eliminated the real headaches caused by a head band that is too tight! Super stretch spandex band material provides extreme flexibility ensuring the lamp comfortably fits virtually every head size.

This powerful head lamp is comfortable enough for use around camp or home, but really shines in the field. The GEN 2 Head Lamp is capable of viewing animals at distances greater than 200 yards (full zoom, color dependent) with eye shine detection capability in excess of 300 yards. The Kill Light GEN 2 Head Lamp is available in your choice of three colors (green, red or white) and can be purchased as a standalone head lamp or as a package.


  • Availble in your choice of color (green, red or white)
  • Lightweight, durable metal lamp housing
  • Multi position lock lamp base keeps light where you want it
  • Soft touch, durable contoured battery compartment
  • Battery disconnect port for storage and transport
  • Comfortable stretch fit head band
  • 1 Year Warranty, head lamp LED colors are not interchangeable

Gen 2 Head Lamp Instructions Download