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Kill Light OUTFITTER BOOST, Booster Solar Panel

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The Outfitter Boost Panel allows you to add an additional solar panel to your Outfitter for more solar charge capability. It can be mounted to the same post as your Outfitter or at a different location and attached to your Outfitter with the 3ft. connecting cable.


Partial Sun: If you only get three hours of direct sunlight per day to your setup, adding one Outfitter Boost Panel will double your charging speed. Adding a second Boost panel will triple your charging speed. With one Outfitter Boost attached, you can fully charge your Outfitter in 3 hours of direct sunlight.

Overcast Days: Long periods of inclement weather will negatively affect the Outfitter Light's ability to collect enough sunlight to fully charge. Adding one or two Outfitter Boost panels can double or triple the amount of sunlight that is collected allowing for better charging even on overcast days.

Short Winter Days: Winter days can be over four hours shorter than summer days. The shorter daylight hours directly impact the amount of sunlight an Outfitter Light is able to collect. Adding an Outfitter Boost to your setup will help ensure there is enough sunlight to fully charge the Outfitter Battery during shorter daylight hours.

Better Location: With the Outfitter Boost, you can better locate your solar panel for more charging capability. Often, the best place to mount your Outfitter Light is not the best place for the light to charge. It may be impossible to orient the panel facing south at certain setups. The Outfitter Boost can be mounted in the best location to collect the most sunlight and attached to your Outfitter via the included 3ft. cable.

Overcharge Protection: The Outfitter Light has a built-in regulator that prevents the internal battery from overcharging. The Outfitter Light is able to accomodate one or two additional Outfitter Boost Solar Panels. Adding any more than two Outfitter Boost panels will not add more solar collecting power. Two Outfitter Boost Panels is the maximum number that can be added to a single Outfitter Light.


  • Shady Areas
  • Dense Tree Canopy
  • Extended Overcast Days
  • Winter Months
  • Collect Sun Faster



  • Outfitter Boost Solar Panel
  • 36" connection cable
  • Y splitter for connecting Outfitter Boost Panels
  • Mounting hardware

Boost Panel Instructions Download