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Kill Light ULTIMATE HD Predator Pack

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164-Kill Light ULTIMATE HD Predator Pack
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The ultimate predator hunting package for true predator hunting pros! The Kill Light Ultimate HD Predator Package includes all the most popular predator hunting lights we offer in an incredibly deadly bundle that is sure to put more fur on the ground.

The pacakge is anchored by our 500HD Hunting Light Package that includes our 500HD flashlight, a (2) pack of our TruMax 2600mah rechargeable batteries, charging kit with both AC and DC adaptors, adjustable windage and elevation mount, ring to rail mount, rapid scope mount, (3) auxillary remote switches (ON/OFF, Pressure and Whisper Silent Dimmer) all packed in compact soft sided custom cut case. The 500HD is the ideal size for a sleek gun mounted light that is not cumbersome and provides enough illumination to positively identify target game at 500+ yards. The adjustable beam capability allows for effective target illumination at short and long range distances. With the added advantage of the Whisper Silent Dimmer Switch you can also increase or decrease the intensity of light allowing you to bring targets closer in a myriad of hunting scenarios.

Also included is our 750HD Spotlight. This incredibile distance scanning light is capable of illuminating eye shine at distances well over 750 yards with positive indentification at 750 yards. Attached to a lightweight ergonomic grip, it is the perfect light for long range scanning with an adjustable beam built to adapt to virtually any distance. The 750HD Spotlight is also the ideal light when multiple hunters are at a setup. One man on the light and everyone else at the ready for a shot opportunity.

Scanning is a vital part of predator hunting and having a hands free option can be incredibly important to your success. The Ultimate HD Predator Pack includes our 3 Color Head Lamp Package. It's everything you could want in a head lamp! You can swap between green, red or white with the push of a button. A built in combo On/Off with rhoestat control knob allows you to quickly and silently operate and adjust the light intensity with minimal movement. Comfortable and lightweight, scanning setups for eye shine is incredibly effective and simple.

As an added bonus, the Ultimate HD Predator Pack includes our new Deluxe 4 Bay Charger. Recharge your batteries faster and get better feedback via the illuminated charge indicators. The Ultimate HD Predator Pack is incredibly designed and priced at well over $100 less than buying the lights individually.

Package is available in your choice of color (Green, Red or White)


  • 500HD Flashlight
  • HD Elite Windage & Elevation Mount
  • Rapid Scope Mount
  • Ring to Rail Mount
  • Remote Wired On/Off Switch
  • Remote Wired Pressure Switch
  • Remote Whisper Silent Dimmer Switch
  • Custom Cut Soft Sided Case
  • 750HD Flashlight
  • Ergo Grip
  • Flip Top Ring Mount
  • 3 Color Head Lamp
  • Rubber Halo Shield
  • Head Lamp In Line Charger
  • Standard 2 Bay Charger
  • Deluxe 4 Bay Charger
  • (4) TruMax 18650 2600mah Batteries


WARNING: This kit contains lithium ion rechargeable batteries. All lithium batteries are a fire hazzard and should not be left unattended while charging. Lithium batteries should be stored in a cool, dry place out of reach of children and in a manner that avoids battery to battery or battery to metal contact. It is best to store lithium ion batteries fully charged to prolong the life of the battery.

Lifetime Warranty on 750HD and 500HD Flashlights and LED, all other components carry a 1 Year Warranty